Betty and Charlies’s First Leg of the Journey to Uganda 2015!

Getting Here. . .  uganda copy

Twenty hours on a plane, seven on a bus, six hours in airports.   We are exhausted.

Our most interesting adventure so far was arriving in Entebbe without one large piece of luggage.

We went back the next day to see if it was in. I think we will just have to do without.

Luckily all of our most important items were in our carry-ons.

We are slowly making connections with Ugandan friends that we will meet in the next few days.  We are always excited to make this yearly trip to meet with our coordinators, have our meeting with the students we are sponsoring and reconnect with our friends.

Charlie’s News!

In Entebbe we stayed at a backpacker hostel.   We met Gertrude, a woman selling her 13fb3b627a6ee014aadfb0822b7cd712banana leaf crafts.   She took the time to show Betty how she takes a leaf and is able to use it to weave handicrafts.   During our conversation she mentioned an American she knows well, Tony Kambich, from Evanston.  I was surprised that I would know him.  A few years back he met with Children UP to explain his work establishing Montessori schools in Uganda.   I did have the pleasure of visiting one of the schools a few years back.

Thanks to one of our supporters, we had a contribution of a computer.  We were able to give it to a friend.  George is not part of Children UP.  George works at an Internet cafe.   When I was here in 2010, George was an incredible help with Internet and with practical advice.   I was pleased that I was able to return the favor.

Betty’s News!

We cannot say enough positive things about Entebbe’s backpacker hostel.  Benjamin  at the front desk, Colin and owner Frank were all wonderful to us. What a special place. They make improvements by adding solar panels which has reduced their bill by 20% and creating a water reserve.  Lots of positive energy there!post bus

When Colin’s car got a flat tire, his dad come to drive us to the post bus…

WOW, Frank is a gracious hands-on owner! We had a great conversation and made it to the bus with three minutes to spare, THANKS, Frank!

Yes, the Post Buses do deliver the mail!

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