2012 Uganda Trip Post 2

The New Kids in the UP — Geoffrey and Rovister

ChildrenUP has chosen two new students to its roster of supported students.  As always we choose students who have scored highest in the national Primary School Leaving Exam.  They are always students who come from financially strapped families.  We also check that they are consistent hard workers.

Rovister is 15 years old.  During the war in northern Uganda her father was a soldier who disappeared. Her mother is a farmer who provides for Rovister and her 6 siblings.  She was our top choice for sponsorship because of her outstanding academic performance, focused mind, confidence  and strong work ethic.  At school she was selected as head girl and has given speeches at various educational activities.  She dreams of becoming a doctor.

Geoffrey is 14  years old he is a total orphan who lives with his uncle. Both of his parents were killed during the war.  Luckily he was too young to be abducted by the LRA (the rebel group, The Lord’s Resistance Army).  He has managed to pay the small primary school fees by cultivating a garden and selling the vegetables at market.  Due to financial constraints,  he was not able to go to secondary school  and repeated the last year of primary school.

ChildrenUP is actively looking for sponsors for these two children as well as others.  Previous sponsors have been individuals and couple.  Other sponsors have been groups of people that decided to sponsor a child in memory of a loved one. In one case, a school has taken on the responsibility of sponsoring a student.  The $1,000 yearly cost for the boarding schools includes tuition, supplies and mentoring.  Though we are a small organization, our aim is to make a difference in the lives of a few.  One advantage we have is that we can keep sponsors aware of the progress of their student.

We welcome any enquiries to ChildrenUP  (childrenup@gmail.com or 630-832-9010)

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