A Student Meeting: A follow-UP

The three new mentors for Children UP came up with a wonderful idea. They gathered all the students we support (minus one who had a Saturday exam) as well as a teacher from each of the schools. Though the meeting was supposed to be from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m, the rains had other ideas. The outdoor location for the meeting was waterlogged. So a large enough venue needed to be found. Some of the roads were difficult to navigate due to the mud. So it all began at 2 p.m. by which time there were hungry mouths to feed.

From the reports we have gotten the meeting was a success. The children and teachers felt a common bond. They were able to express ideas about concerns as well as appreciation for the support being given by the mentors. In most schools there are only one or two students supported by our organization. The meeting gave them a feeling that Children UP was an organization committed to the youth of Uganda. It meant they were part of a larger group. The two new students to the program had a chance to sense that there were other students to whom they could look up.

The students are now in the third and last term of their school year, which will end at the start of December. An American team will be there to visit the students sometime at the end of January. The annual visits are making us feel connected to these amazing young people.

A special thanks to Rachel Akullo, Walter Nyeko and Sam Lakor for making this happen.

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